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Coordenadora Regional MISS BRASIL USA-TEXAS


  Rosangela Salazar was born on March 22 1970 in Corumba, Matto Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The daughter of Mr. Walter Salazar, a Portuguese descendent, and Mrs. Rosa Morales Strenger. A Spanish-German descendent Rosangela spent her early formative years in Corumba studying at a traditional catholic school founded and administrated by nuns of the order of “Maria Auxiliadora.”

      Rosangela (which is a Italian name for a girl and means Angelic Rose) gained a strong catholic upbringing, which instilled in Rosangela a desire to help people to improve their lives, especially children and the elderly, with whom she feels a deep bond. 

      Rosangela’s personal ambitions have always been influenced by her desire to contribute meaningfully to the world in which we live.

      Rosangela first became involved in beauty pageants in 1985, when she won her first beauty contest as Miss Student at her school. Later, she would go on to win Miss Election in her City, and finally Miss Matto Grosso do Sul. 

      In 1988, Rosangela moved to Campinas, Sao Paulo, to study architectural design, where she would meet her husband, Jorge Antonio Suárez, a physician who was finishing his general surgery residency training at “UNICAMP” in the same city. Toward the end of the year, Rosangela and her husband moved to the United States of America, where they have their American born son “George Bruno Suárez” that is studying “Pre-Medicine” at The University of Houston.

      In 1998, Rosangela organized the Miss Brazil USA Texas, in Houston, which was a success and gave her great experience

      Because of her past participation and experience with beauty contests, Rosangela has come to understand and appreciate the role of a beauty queen.

  She has learned to cherish the significance and worth of that particular role within the female beauty, psyche, and workforce; which represents the essence of modern womanhood, and sees it as a great contribution to the community and to the world.

       As she says: “ I’m bringing the beauty, culture and talent of Brazilian women, incorporating it, in the context of sharing values with the American culture.”

      This past month of March 2010 Rosangela as the president of The Houston Brazilian association and Regional Director of Miss Brazil USA Texas, together with her husband Dr. Jorge Suárez (a physician, writer and poet, who is also a sponsor of Miss Brazil USA Texas), participated in The Latino Learning Center Gala, at the ZaZa hotel in Houston, Texas, bringing to the event; the beauty, glamour, and talent of the Miss Brazil USA 2007 Heloisia Alvez.

      This year Miss Brazil USA Texas, directed by Rosangela together with Cacá  Santos, CEO of Miss Brazil USA, will bring to Houston the talent, beauty and glamour, in the election of the Miss Brazil Texas, 2010, in the month of October , opening the doors of this upcoming event to young Brazilian beauties for the finals of Miss Brazil USA. 

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